January 17, 2018

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70% of Residents Support Bill To Create Statewide Insurance Fraud Authority

Michigan residents overwhelmingly support a law that would create a statewide organization to provide financial resources for the investigation and prosecution of auto insurance fraud, according to opinion polling released recently by the Michigan Insurance Fraud Awareness Coalition (MIFAC).

92 percent of poll respondents indicated that insurance fraud is a serious or somewhat serious crime and 70 percent say they would support a law to create a Fraud Authority to grant funds to local law enforcement and prosecutors to arrest and convict people guilty of insurance fraud.

The poll, conducted by Marketing Resource Group, found that 93 percent of respondents said insurance fraud causes everyone’s insurance premiums to increase. One in six people actually know someone who has committed insurance fraud.

Michigan residents know insurance fraud drives up the cost of insurance for them,” said Pete Kuhnmuench of the Insurance Institute of Michigan and MIFAC. “Frankly, they are tired of insurance thieves stealing from their pocketbooks.”



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