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January 17, 2019

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Free Guest Speakers for Michigan Classrooms

Like a puzzle, insurance can sometimes be complex. Information needed to simplify this puzzling subject is available at no charge. Personalized presentations by executives of the Michigan insurance industry can be scheduled for your classroom at no cost to you.

IIM speakers have appeared before thousands of business, civic, consumer, educational, religious and other groups throughout Michigan. This particular group of speeches has been specifically tailored for presentation to high school-aged consumers.

To Request a Speaker…It’s free and as easy as one, two, three!

  1. Select the topic you would like the speaker to address in your classroom.
  2. Complete the form below.
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We’ll send you a confirmation letter which includes the speaker’s name and background information that can be used for his/her introduction. Presentations are free. Please send your request at least three weeks in advance of the date you’ll need the speaker!

A Review of Michigan No-Fault Insurance

A basic review of no-fault insurance concepts, explaining both mandatory and optional coverages. Touches on some key provisions of Michigan’s Essential Insurance Act. Helps high school age drivers understand what they’re purchasing and includes pointers on how to buy auto insurance.

So You’re on the Road to Getting your Driver’s License

A presentation designed specifically for driver education classes. Includes a brief overview of the state’s no-fault auto insurance law, discussion about why young motorists pay higher rates for insurance and tips on reducing coverage costs.

Introduction to Renter’s and Homeowner’s Insurance

This presentation focuses primarily on the renters policy-the type of property insurance young people are most likely to purchase first. It offers a basic explanation of policy terms, coverages, excluded risks, as well as a review of consumer’s rights.

Why Do Young Drivers Pay So Much for Insurance?

A discussion focusing specifically on higher auto rates paid by young motorists. Also includes a brief review of no-fault insurance, how auto premiums are determined and tips on reducing coverage costs.

Careers in Insurance

An overview of the insurance industry and available employment opportunities. Major job categories are described-marketing, accounting, investments, underwriting, claims, actuarial, etc.-along with general educational requirements.

Auto Theft: The Hidden Tax on Auto Insurance

In Michigan, a car is stolen every ten minutes. This speech defines the auto-theft problem and its impact on insurance consumers. Also, it includes a report on what is being done to solve the problem and what individuals can do to lessen the chances of their vehicle being stolen.

The Rising Cost of Insurance and How to Fight it!

This presentation describes factors which are forcing consumer insurance rates upward-new laws, inflation, arson, auto-theft and others. Specific suggestions are provided for reducing the cost of individual home and car coverages.

Alcohol + Drugs + Driving = A Deadly Combination

A hard-hitting speech about substance abuse, targeted for young drivers. Includes information about the effects of alcohol/drugs on driving skills and resulting traffic accidents. Defines penalties for violation of Michigan’s drunk driver laws. Finally, the speaker offers positive suggestions for avoiding personal involvement and dealing with abuse by others.

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