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January 17, 2019

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Serving Michigan Consumers Since 1979

The Insurance Information Hotline (IIH) was established in 1979.  Since then, more than 142,775 Michigan consumers have been assisted through this service.  About 300 people dial up the Hotline’s toll-free telephone number each month.

The purpose of the IIH is twofold.  It is a ready source of information on all types of insurance.  Secondly, personnel respond to complaints and provide for prompt, objective resolution of disputes between policyholders and insurance companies.

The IIH does NOT recommend companies, agents or the types of coverage that consumers might buy.  Callers DO get advice on how to become more knowledgeable shoppers.  And, they can request reference materials on specific insurance subjects.

The Hotline is funded by the insurance industry.  It is administered by the Insurance Institute of Michigan (IIM), headquartered in Lansing, Michigan.

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