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December 15, 2018


IIM’s purpose is to serve the Michigan insurance industry and the insurance consumer as a central focal point for educational, media, legislative and public information on insurance issues.  The Association accomplishes this goal through the following programs:

Insurance Information Hotline

Insurance Problems?  Questions?  Call the Hotline!  This service is designed to provide consumers with prompt, objective information on all types of insurance.  The toll free number is: 1-800-777-8005.
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Speakers Bureau

IIM executives appear before business, civic, consumer, educational and other groups throughout Michigan.  You choose the topic.  Cost?  These presentations are FREE!
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SAFE Library

FREE safety education and related materials for Michigan schools, adult, civic and senior citizen groups.  Varied topics in the form of videotapes and brochures.
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Teacher Seminars

One-day seminar for teachers on the principles of insurance.  Held in conjunction with Western Michigan University, teachers receive graduate credit for participation.
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Government Affairs

IIM serves as a liaison between property/casualty insurance companies and state government.  Association staff monitor more than 300 bills introduced each legislative session, testify at hearings and meet with legislators and staff members to provide information about key insurance issues.
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Consumer Information

A ready-source of information, IIM provides accurate information to the media and consumers on property/casualty insurance issues.  IIM staff participates in more than 100 television, radio and newspaper interviews each year.  IIM provides monthly news releases on topics of interest to consumers.
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Safety Awareness

IIM is a member of many coalitions working to keep Michigan residents safe.  IIM is a part of the Deer Crash Coalition, Michigan Committee for Severe Weather Awareness and Michigan Arson Prevention Committee.

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